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We provide top-notch handyman services you can rely on. We handle every project with the upmost professionalism and respect. Our team members are experienced, on time, and get the job done.

Our team strives for the best customer satisfaction and to bring your project to life. Whether you need flooring, exterior/interior paint/drywall, or repairing/refinishing a deck, no job is too small or too big.

From the heart of Tampa to Clearwater, St. Petersburg, and everywhere in between, Integrated is happy to serve the Tampabay community!

Home repairs are never easy, but the knowledgeable experienced technicians can turn your difficult project into a breeze.

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I have always had a passion for learning new skills and seeing my projects and work come to life. A little background of my development. I had some of the best teachers growing up in Connecticut, my father, who I watched build countless masterpieces and who taught me much of what I know today in carpentry and woodwork. I then moved to Florida and worked alongside my Uncle Merrick who got me into Home Repairs and Remodeling, he was a great teacher and I was grateful to learn a wide variety of skills from building decks, to tiling, to flooring at his company. I than ventured more into the automotive industry and began doing light bodywork. I would then be fortunate to learn painting from one of the best. I would work my regular job and clock out to stay after hours to learn automotive painting. I continued working at this trade and eventually I flew to Las Vegas. There I was able to attend the Sema car show and became I-CAR Gold Class Certified. At the time in 2006, I also managed a local body shop and met the love of my life who worked as our estimates, parts, and payroll clerk. I was at a point where I had mastered Painting. I continued my trades working in automotive paint and Home Repair/Remodeling. I than in 2008 dove deeper into automotive repairs and developed into heavier auto body repairs, later to become an A tech Collision Repair Technician. During that time, I once again mastered that and began to miss the creativity of my work. I have always had a love for home repairs. I decided that I needed to get back into doing what I love. Which is how I started Integrated Home Repair to continue my passion and creativity.

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